ASL with New Conversation Peices

Hey ya’ll,

In the weeks prior to this I had learned and memorized the ASL alphabet and I am still working on it, and practicing it and such, but this week I moved onto learning more conversation pieces.

Prior to this week I mentioned I was using different youtube videos and photos to learn the alphabet. Although moving forward I knew photos weren’t going to work as lots of words have actions to them. I said that I was going to look at apps and websites. I didn’t end up looking at the website this week but I did find a really nice app!

The app was so great, my favourite place to learn so far, its called “The ASL App”. It’s free and really easy to figure out. They have different categories on the app, I chose to look at the basics section. In there they have a list of all the words and phrases in the section and then videos to show you how to sign those words and sentences. You can rewatch the video however man times you want and it even has a slow motion setting, so you can slow the sign down to help you understand it better.

I learnt the words:

  • hello
  • who
  • what
  • where
  • when
  • why
  • how
  • me
  • my
  • your/yours
  • friends
  • bye
  • deaf
  • hearing
  • want
  • like
  • thank you
  • yes and no

I think I did a fairly good job learning to sign this week and ended up doing more than what I thought, but I was so into it this week. I just enjoyed the app and how they were teaching so much. I don’t think I will go back to youtube videos, I think I will carry on with the app and still continue to find different resources.

For the next week I will use the app to continue, but I will also take a look at the website, because I may end up liking it even better than the app.

I am really enjoying the process of this project and am excited to see where it takes me!

Social Media- Tik Tok, Snapchat… Classrooms

With a changing would and new culture of participation and there always being new technology and new apps and different hits all the time, our classrooms will be forever changing. As a future educator I think it is important that we stay up to date with the new trends. All people not just students are effected by what is happening on the internet. We as a society are always trying to fit in and be “cool” and for that to happen we often think we need to be how social media is, therefore I think for us as educators to understand why our students do what they do and act and feel, we need to be on the social medias watching and understand, so we can connect with our students. Our classrooms and students will be changing just as quickly as our social medias do.

This topic regarding how schools in general, would mean the same thing. Having staff be up to date with what is happening on social medias to make them aware of what is happening. There should almost be a class in school to teach students about social media, just like how we do here. In class we spoke about how apps such as Snapchat or Tik Tok can be negative. Such as sexting or dance inappropriately to inappropriate songs. Although I think there can be a lot of good found through social media, if you use it correctly. Teaching students about both the positives and negatives of these apps can go a long way and I think because it is something they like and they are interested in then they will be more inclined to listen to what you have to say about it. For example, yes I am a Tik Tok user, but I don’t dance inappropriately to bad songs, I chose them wisely and I do the dances for the Riders, I also use the apps as a was to market myself and network, for more people to see my sport and give it recognition. People can make huge names for themselves, but do it in a way that is positive and appropriate. I am also a Snapchat user, no I am not 14, I am 21 and I use it everyday, yup crazy I know. Again this can be a great app if its used appropriately. My mom loves the idea of snap maps because it’s a way for her to see where my sister and I are sometimes, we both travel a lot and it can be reassuring for her. Also I wanted to add because if I am being honest here some people mentioned how it can be wrong or disturbing, snahmaps. Although the app does have a setting for you to turn your snap maps off so that other people cant see where you are,  more than likely the people who have it on are people who want it on or just don’t care, for those who do care, they have it turned off. Also, I like using it because some of my best friends don’t live in Canada, they live in the States and in Sweden and so we don’t often have times that lock up to talk and so we snap so that we can say we saw each other or briefly chatted say every other day and such. Again everything it can be good or bad depending what you are looking for within it and in moderation. I do see all the bad that can come from these apps and what they are doing to people negatively, but I also see what some of these apps are doing to people in a positive way as well. Also trying something such as one of these apps out before growing an idea on it something everyone should do, you will have students who will use these apps and finding out what is actually like is important before judging it.

The idea of rethinking education because of the society we live in is for sure something to reconsider. Like said in the Wesch’s video everything on social media is growing so quickly and changing every week. Its important to stay up to date with the latest trends. Enforcing more educational technology classes would be a huge thing to add into the education system. All young people use technology and so bringing that into the classrooms would have them engaged more I think, when students like what they are learning they are more inclined to participate.

Being able to balance the challenges of the new digital world and the endless opportunities it offers is a hard task. With the web being able to just take something over so quickly, just like how the web made  Wesch’s anthropology post so interesting and it became so popular in a weekend. Being completely up to date with what is happening will be impossible, but sticking your head in there and trying is something important. Teaching your students how to use these social medias to help them, and also how certain things can hinder them. Going in to this new world with an open mind is a good start to seeing the endless opportunities it has for us.

ASL week 2- finishing the Alphabet


So, this is my second week of my learning project and my goal was to learn the second half of the alphabet and have it memorized. last week I got the letters A through L down and this week I thought I did a pretty good job of letters M through Z. Although when you guys watch the video, I’d love comments on how to make it better. Also, yes I know I need to work on getting it more memorized and fluid, but I am working on it!

This week for resources I looked at youtube videos just as I did last week. Although this week I wanted to try something more and I also look at just images of the letters. I enjoyed the images a little bit better because I like fast learning and find it takes longer on the video. So moving forward I may look for more, but with learning something such as this I think it would be wiser to focus on videos, the videos offer a good break down so I really get a good idea of what it is supposed to look like. So, I am kind of on a mixed though path right now.

I found this new website that has lessons set out week by week on what to learn, an order and all that fun jazz (kinda funny because I am Jas, but like didn’t write jazz to make it a pun, it just rolled off the tongue nice, haha). They have lesson one as body gestures and such, i am gonna work on those and I also mentioned I wanted to lean the 5 W’s this coming up week as well. So I will show you guys how those turn out then. I also mentioned that I was going to try out ASL learning apps, I came across this one and it looks good, so I am also going to try this out this week and I will let you know how it goes.

ASL Continued Week 1

This week my goal was to focus on learning the alphabet in ASL and have it memorized. I wanted to make it really good, so I was only able to memorize the first half of the alphabet. I learnt letters A through to L.

I think that it was a fairly good start .I have been watching various youtube videos for this week to make sure I am doing it completely right. I also found a website that has free sign langue lessons, which I may sign up for to try out next week. I am really enjoying this process and am I excited to see where this whole journey takes me!

below is a video I made to show you the first half of the alphabet and where I am at with it so far.

A Insight to Twitter

To be very honest before starting this course I hated Twitter. I had it before and just did not see the point in it and just couldn’t get into enjoying it. I am on like all of the social medias and I love them, but I am a photo girl, that’s why I think I love Instagram, because I can share my photos and such. Where on Twitter its more about reading articles and such and I am just not into that sort of stuff… I like it simple. Although after our class on Thursday I came to the realization that Twitter can be used in lots of effective ways and it can be a great was for networking. I’ve have already met quit a few people through Twitter and lots of great resources for the classroom, things I didn’t even think of before, but now I see as important. Now I’ve been spending a little bit of time on Twitter everyday, now that is a requirement for the class, but I am also starting to find it enjoyable

Twitter in the classroom. Now I find this to be a hard question. I am in the elementary education program so I am having a hard time imagining how I would use Twitter in say a grad 4 class or grade 1. I think it would be very hard and in my mind right now I cant think of anything we could really use it for, although maybe we could create a class twitter and I would be contributing on behave of the class. We could share on there some of our lessons and such.  Although I think if you were teaching older grades such as high school there are many ways you could use Twitter. They could use it such as we are in this class.

Saskedchat, I thought this was really interesting how it works and kind of fun to participate in. I think it is a great way to meet a bunch of people in our field and to see their views on different things. Just by participating in that one chat I found a ton of new resources and new connections. I think that I would for sure participate in another on of those. They can be so interesting to read what other people have to say about the same topics and such.

Making Predictions For Future teaching

Teaching in the Fall of 2020, what will it be like? This is a very hard question. Prior to the class session I thought we will all for sure be back in school, getting to see everyone face to face. I thought because Regina has zero active cases and we are starting to open things up, that in four months time we would be good to go and I was excited as I am a people person and I miss people… like a lot.

Although after hearing what everyone had to say in class, I think my thought for this has changed. In class people mention ideas such as giving families the option to stay online or come to class, but at that I thought well some will stay home because they are scared to leave, but for others they may just stay home to stay home. How can attendance be monitored? Someone else mentions an alternative school day, so half the class come in the morning and the other half of the class come in the afternoon or have half the class come Monday, Wednesday and the other half come Tuesday, Thursday. Although these options are limiting the time the students have with their teacher and the time they have for learning. Some say we will just stay online in the fall. That is what the U of R and U of S are doing. Although that may be okay for older students children in Kindergarten or Grade 1 and 2 need their teachers. They need extra guidance and help from their teachers. Parents are at home trying to help their kids, but they to are also trying to work from home and it can be hard for them, many don’t have an education degree. If we go back to school people mentioned everything being different. We watched a video of a school with kids attending it and the intense cleaning they have to do before entering the school, is that what will happen? Also some mention how if we go back will we be able to have school gatherings such as assemblies. What about recesses or teams and clubs? What about our less fortunate families who have limited resources at home, how will the schools accommodate for them?  How about our ESL students who need the support to understand their schooling? In the end our class couldn’t come to an answer. Personally I think its kind of like dreams and dying. They say you never die in your dreams because the mind cant fathom what happens after and I somewhat see this as the same. We just don’t have an answer because we cant even imagine what it will be like in the fall. So, in the end I truly don’t have an answer to this question and don’t even know where to start to find one.

My hope is that everything can go back to normal, that we can live worry free. Although I think this may not be the predications for the coming school year or even the one after that, that’s the hope for say the year 2025. So, now that we are imagining everything is normal, I think that teaching and learning will look more technologically advanced. We are already starting to see that kids love using technology and when we can tie things into their learning that they are good at and enjoy, then they will want to do it more. Our whole world is moving more towards technology. Just seeing what we are doing now during Covid with technology is a big step in that direction. I think that is why a course such as EDTC is important because we have to face it, technology is the future. We can see that if things don’t go back to normal ever, may be face to face teaching becomes a thing of the past for most and therefore learning online becomes most important. All I can say is that for teaching and learning in the future years such as 2025, they will have more and more technology involved.

The ASL Journey Start

So, for my EDTC 300 Learning Project I wanted to pick something to learn that I’ve had an interest in for a while and have thought of as an asset in life, so I decided to chose ASL. I want to learn American Sign Language. I took an interest in it a couple of years ago when I started watching the TV show Switched at Birth. I always thought that it was so interesting that people can speak a language only using their hands. At the point of first interest in the language I learned how to spell my name and some basics like please and thank you. Although I really had no where to practice this and so I had forgotten what I learnt.

In my internship I taught my grade 1/2’s a 5 senses unit in science. In the unit you teach about how the senses work and also how we adapt when we lose a senses. When it came to hearing I thought it would be fun to teach my kids sign language. I looked up the letters and made each kiddo a name tag with the letters of their name and the sign language symbol that matches the letter. They learnt their name, shared it with their classmates and then they taught each other their names in sign language. The kids absolutely loved the lesson and had so much fun doing it. This was when my want to learn the language came up again. I thought to myself, what if I one day I have a student who cant hear and can only sign? This would be something nice to have in my toolbox. Its also a nice activity to do with kids, its something different for them to learn and then they have the skill to work with someone who can only sign to have in their toolbox too.

I think that this can be simply, but it can also be very complex, there are so many different words to learn with signing and so much to memorize. Throughout the course of the learning project there are a couple main things I want to focus on when learning sign language.

  • I want to first learn the alphabet, I want to have every letter memorize
  • I want to know the 5 W’s (who, what, where, when, and why) so that I can ask questions and such
  • I also want to know some basic conversation words and sentences such as, how are you? Hello and goodbye, please and thank you

By then end of the course my goal is to have learnt all the basic signs so that I could have a basic conversation with someone, me signing to them, but also be able to understand what they are saying to me as well. Another goal is to learn it so well that I could easily show my future students signs and teach them basics, just as I did in my simple 5 senses unit with my grade 1/2’s.

My idea is that I will learn ASL through YouTube and different apps. There are various apps that teach basic ASL. I will most likely use the apps as a main source so I can keep building on progress and then also use YouTube videos for further information.

Every week I will create a video to share on my blog of what I have learnt and show my progress. I also want to make a list of the letters and words that I learn to keep track of progress that way as well.

I am really excited to get started on this assignment and see what it brings!

This is a photo of my grade 1/2’s learning their names in sign language.

The Start of Learning how to use Tech to Support Young Minds


My name is Jasmine Runge, although most people call me Jas. I am 21 years old and am born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan. I am in my final semester of my Bachelors of Education degree, in the elementary program. In September I will be starting my certificate in Inclusive Education. I’ve been a competitive baton twirler for the last 17 years, with that its brought me endless opportunities to travel the world and meet so many different people. I am also apart of our University’s  Dance Team. This last year I was fortunate enough to be apart of the Saskatchewan Roughrider Cheer Team, where I get to twirl baton for 33,000 people every game! My favourite thing about competing in baton, the dance team, and cheering for the Riders is getting to interact with different people all the time. When we use technology, it opens us up to experiencing so many different things and meeting new people (well when done the right way, haha). Although I use technology and social networks all the time, I don’t have a lot of experiences of using it with education. I’ve used it in University classes, just as many of you have, blogging and what not, but past that there hasn’t been a ton. In my Internship (which ended up being cut short do to Covid) I used Seesaw with my grade 1/2’s as a cite where I could assign them different activities and they would complete them and we could then share those activities with their parents. We also used Raz-Kids and Mathiknowit one for math and the other for reading and comprehension.

When it comes to my thoughts on blogging they are kind of mixed. When I first started blogging and had to do it in ECS 110 I hated it and you could probably tell by my blog posts, and those should probably be looked at and changed because, well they suck. Although as I have carried on in this degree I have come around to blogging.

In my EHE 310 class, one of our classmates was applying for jobs and so our prof had her explain to all of us what the interview process was like. Here she told us just how important and relevant our ePortfolios and blogs are. Lots of the time the people hiring don’t wanna look at all the paperwork you bring them and so they just wanna see you blog site and from there they can decide what they wanna see. From there I kind of realized that I needed to put more attention into my blogs. I think that blogging can be a great way to put yourself out there and have different people notice you. You can make great connections and find endless opportunities for new and creative ideas to be added to your tool box, just as many teachers do. It’s also a great way for you to share your ideas so other teachers can see them.

In the end I am excited to learn new ways to add technology into the classroom. I am all about making connections and creating things. Using technology is one of the number one ways someone can do this in todays world. So, cheers to a short, but sweet semester!

I chose this photo I took of my Internship classroom of my grade 1/2’s . This is us going over how to use our seesaw app on the iPads for the first time! (well going over it on the board first)

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