Social Media- Tik Tok, Snapchat… Classrooms

With a changing would and new culture of participation and there always being new technology and new apps and different hits all the time, our classrooms will be forever changing. As a future educator I think it is important that we stay up to date with the new trends. All people not just students are effected by what is happening on the internet. We as a society are always trying to fit in and be “cool” and for that to happen we often think we need to be how social media is, therefore I think for us as educators to understand why our students do what they do and act and feel, we need to be on the social medias watching and understand, so we can connect with our students. Our classrooms and students will be changing just as quickly as our social medias do.

This topic regarding how schools in general, would mean the same thing. Having staff be up to date with what is happening on social medias to make them aware of what is happening. There should almost be a class in school to teach students about social media, just like how we do here. In class we spoke about how apps such as Snapchat or Tik Tok can be negative. Such as sexting or dance inappropriately to inappropriate songs. Although I think there can be a lot of good found through social media, if you use it correctly. Teaching students about both the positives and negatives of these apps can go a long way and I think because it is something they like and they are interested in then they will be more inclined to listen to what you have to say about it. For example, yes I am a Tik Tok user, but I don’t dance inappropriately to bad songs, I chose them wisely and I do the dances for the Riders, I also use the apps as a was to market myself and network, for more people to see my sport and give it recognition. People can make huge names for themselves, but do it in a way that is positive and appropriate. I am also a Snapchat user, no I am not 14, I am 21 and I use it everyday, yup crazy I know. Again this can be a great app if its used appropriately. My mom loves the idea of snap maps because it’s a way for her to see where my sister and I are sometimes, we both travel a lot and it can be reassuring for her. Also I wanted to add because if I am being honest here some people mentioned how it can be wrong or disturbing, snahmaps. Although the app does have a setting for you to turn your snap maps off so that other people cant see where you are,  more than likely the people who have it on are people who want it on or just don’t care, for those who do care, they have it turned off. Also, I like using it because some of my best friends don’t live in Canada, they live in the States and in Sweden and so we don’t often have times that lock up to talk and so we snap so that we can say we saw each other or briefly chatted say every other day and such. Again everything it can be good or bad depending what you are looking for within it and in moderation. I do see all the bad that can come from these apps and what they are doing to people negatively, but I also see what some of these apps are doing to people in a positive way as well. Also trying something such as one of these apps out before growing an idea on it something everyone should do, you will have students who will use these apps and finding out what is actually like is important before judging it.

The idea of rethinking education because of the society we live in is for sure something to reconsider. Like said in the Wesch’s video everything on social media is growing so quickly and changing every week. Its important to stay up to date with the latest trends. Enforcing more educational technology classes would be a huge thing to add into the education system. All young people use technology and so bringing that into the classrooms would have them engaged more I think, when students like what they are learning they are more inclined to participate.

Being able to balance the challenges of the new digital world and the endless opportunities it offers is a hard task. With the web being able to just take something over so quickly, just like how the web made  Wesch’s anthropology post so interesting and it became so popular in a weekend. Being completely up to date with what is happening will be impossible, but sticking your head in there and trying is something important. Teaching your students how to use these social medias to help them, and also how certain things can hinder them. Going in to this new world with an open mind is a good start to seeing the endless opportunities it has for us.

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  1. I was also surprised so many people call Snapchat a teenager’s app! I’m a few weeks away from 30 years old and I also use it daily. It’s a great way to send grandparents some baby spam of my little one without annoying everyone else in the world, lol! And yes, even my 60 year old parents have Snapchat too!! It certainly has it’s purpose and place!

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